The Journal of Local Government of Nigeria is the host of the online version of the Nigeria Local Government Year Book; which updates  ’The Whos’ ‘The wheres’ ‘The whats’ and ‘The whens’ of the Local Government Administration and Management in Nigeria. It is simply an online compendium of the Profiles of Local Government Executives and their Development Agenda. As the government closest to the people under democratic dispensation there is much expectations from the people. Inclusivity is key here. The compendium aims to showcase the people saddled with these enormous responsibilities of grassroots-development. Publish their development agenda for greatness as well as track their progress – the sine qua non of egalitarian society and community transformation. Each of the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria could be also reached here via their sub-website, telephone contacts and dedicated email addresses:

It is believed that the Nigeria-774-Profiles will serve the following strategic purposes:

  1. National and International relevance by stabilizing a most virile third-tier government in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  2. Improved communication between the people and the respective councils to engender exchange of ideas for accelerated community transformation.
  3. Show casing the in-depth human and natural resources endowments in various Local Government Areas for investments potential identification.
  4. Easy source for raw materials for Small and Medium Enterprise Development
  5. Identification of who is who in the Local Government Administration of Nigeria at any particular point in time.
  6. The improvement and substance of the tempo of development in Nigeria by aligning with established Sustainable Development Benchmarks of national, regional governments and the United Nations.
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