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The Journal

Journal of Local Governments of Nigeria is a quarterly not-for-sale open access sustainability-driven Publication. It aims to promote grass-root sustainable development in Nigeria through the instrumentality of Glocalization and communication of international best practices. Practically applying local solutions for global challenges and global solutions for local challenges. It is the international platform for management of Local Governments in Nigeria; and also for global exchange of knowledge and innovations in local government administration in general.

Our Team

Editorial Board with network of well-read and learned professional such as Persons familiar with one or more academic disciplines relevant to local government administration, sustainable development, democracy and good governance. etc

The State Correspondents of volunteers who may be Public Servants, Politicians, Teachers, Journalists, Administrators or others with knowledge of any of the key disciplines or experience that promote democracy,


The Journal of Local Government of Nigeria is the host of the online version of the Nigeria Local Government Year Book; which updates  ’The Whos’ ‘The wheres’ ‘The whats’ and ‘The whens’ of the Local Government Administration and Management in Nigeria. It is simply an online compendium of the Profiles of Local Government Executives and their Development Agenda.

Each of the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria could be also reached here via their sub-website, telephone contacts and dedicated email addresses:

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